The Last Dragon  by Artemis Milchon

The Omega Clan Lords were sent to find the keys to free their world ....

   Sally has never felt truly wanted. Not by family, friends, or the few men who ever took notice of her. But a single night out changes her life forever. She is abducted from a bar into a world she couldn't have imagined, and there she meets Drake, a gorgeouss stranger with a mysterious past. As she falls under his spell, Sally must confront every insecurity she's ever had about herself. But Drake has more to conquer than just Sally's fears. An ancient enemy has followed him, one that threates more than just the Omega Lords, and he discovers that Sally not only holds the key to his heart, but to the future survivial of the Clans.

   As a relentless foe works to end the Omega for all time, Drake has to convince

Sally that she is worthy of love; she in turn must accept what she once thought was impossible. The fates of all the Clans are in their hands. Failure means extinction for the Omega. WIth a world in the balance, can one woman find the strength to believe?

   I’m a reader … a dreamer … a birthday candle wisher. I’m someone who feels joy when good things happen to great people. I’m a believer in true love, three-day kisses, and butterflies in your tummy when you see that special one. I’m hope. I’m a writer of romance … for how can it possibly be wrong to put more love in the world?

      I’m Artemis. Nice to meet you. Please hang around and get to know my friends. You can also visit me at: See you real soon!

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