Helm Abomination by Gryffyn Phoenix

Some things are better left unseen. 
Some hearts are better left unmet. 

Living in Helm is a new experience for Verity, she's the only female in a world of boys. Most of them embrace her as a potential friend, others long for her death, and one ... well, one she can't seem to pin down. 
     Her new possible boyfriend neglected to tell Verity there's an ancient prophecy that foretells the end of Helm's leader at the hands of the mortal veil-seer. A few of the boys fighting beside her feel the best way to keep Haydn alive is to make sure the veil-seer dies. 
     Verity barely survived her sixteenth birthday. Now she may not live to see her seventeenth. 
     Helm Abomination shows that finding the love of your life can come at too high a cost

As a child, I spent my summers in Haven. Running through trees, splashing in creeks, dancing with the fae, and always getting home before night.

     I grew up. I went out into the world. I went to school, college, traveled, loved and lost and loved again. I explored, and due to my sense of adventure with a good dose of curiosity, I traveled down some of the most interesting paths. I went on many journeys I could return home with, and, more importantly, share with others. With each experience, with each success and every failure, Haven became a little brighter … bigger … more complex.

     Now I get to share it all with you. Thank you for listening, now come and visit me at gryffynphoenix.com and tell me your story.

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