God Remains by G. J. Phoenix

The next installment in the thrilling Ethiopian Chronicles 

Raffe Mariam an Ethiopian prince, eldest son of a powerful clan, with unlimited possibilities on the horizon. Standing on a holy mountain, he feels like he's little more than a beggar. Then, with a flash of light, and a heavenly message involving his oldest friend and under the guidance of the reborn Ark maiden he’s set out on a new course.

   Destiny born in the gutter, has created her own kingdom, only to give it all up for the one thing no one can buy. Together, they must solve an ancient riddle to find the rarest, most sacred artifact Raffe’s ever pursued. He may have to take down a lost God in the process, but nothing will keep Raffe from his goal.

Destiny and Raffe must both remember that when all else has failed, when there’s no other choice, no matter what … God Remains.

As a child, I got to ride the lightening and a dreamer was born. I stood on the top of the world, and traveled to the lowest point that can support life. I got to swim with dolphins and sharks, some of which were on dry land. I didn’t shoot the Sheriff but I definitely knifed the deputy-he looked at me funny.

     My life has taken me to many exotic places, and I was honored to meet some truly amazing people. I learned about God and religion through the stories people were kind enough to share with me, and the books I read.

The truth is, in one way or another, most of my books are based on real people, facing hellish problems, involving intriguing legends or myths, and finding solutions through the power of hope. I have read many great writers in my life, and, it is my hope, they look upon my work with favor-or at least no shame.

     I’m G.J. Nice to meet you. Please spend some time and get to know me as well as my family-the characters in my books. You can always find me at gjphoenix.com or on social media.

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