Harbor Absolution by Gryffyn Phoenix

The war was over. Her siblings were lost, her allies and friends little more than bloody stains on the battlefield. The love of her life died in her arms. Such incalculable loss, and Verity herself was now a force beyond control, bringing death and destruction to all in her wake.
     But something worse looms on the horizon.
     In a foolish act of blind desperation, Verity’s enemy unleashed onto the world the worst evil ever known. And it plans to destroy the veil-seer and her friends. Faced with overwhelming odds, Verity discovers that sometimes the hardest part of being an adult is asking for help. But is it too late?
     Gryffyn Phoenix completes the Haven trilogy with a ragtag group of survivors willing to do anything to save the world. Harbor Absolution is about friendship, family, and the sacrifices you make when all else is lost.

As a child, I spent my summers in Haven. Running through trees, splashing in creeks, dancing with the fae, and always getting home before night.

     I grew up. I went out into the world. I went to school, college, traveled, loved and lost and loved again. I explored, and due to my sense of adventure with a good dose of curiosity, I traveled down some of the most interesting paths. I went on many journeys I could return home with, and, more importantly, share with others. With each experience, with each success and every failure, Haven became a little brighter … bigger … more complex.

     Now I get to share it all with you. Thank you for listening, now come and visit me at gryffynphoenix.com and tell me your story.

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