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What do you get when you combine one former blind girl with battling evil, two ridiculously hot boys, and a mean girl who carries a sword?
Check out the exciting Gryffyn Phoenix series, starting with Haven Awakening.
Verity received the gift of sight at noon on sixteenth birthday. Forty minutes later she wished she could give it back.
Ann Schonwetter Arnold gives the world a new Holocaust story that becomes an instant classic. The harrowing tale of her father's, aunt's, and grandmother's survival through the forests of Poland during World War II will make you laugh, cry, and want to hug your Mom. They know they'll survive if they can stay together.
Read TOGETHER: A story of Survival
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, the horror mistress, the genius author who gave the world the legenday Saint Germain, has crafted an intricate thrilling new set of installments featuring the renowned Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.
Pick up your copy of American Twins, Brother Keeper, or the collection of both. Get your sleuth on!