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Jennifer Cody

Jennifer received an engineering degree with honors from Florida State University. Tired of juggling numbers and longing to use her creativity, she moved to Chicago and joined the Clear Channel Radio team as an account manager ... where she was working with different kinds of numbers.

After several long, freezing winters; she returned to her home state of Florida for their two seasons a year: hot and hotter. The Entercomm team was happy she joined their staff as an Account Manager, and she quickly moved up the ranks. Still longing to exercise her creativity and love of music, Jennifer began producing events and concerts. She's organized events for one hundred people to one hundred thousand; and has even placed concerts everywhere from the beach to casinos to cruise ships.

Jennifer lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with her husband and teenage son. She loves music, and is planning on a sizable expansion of her event schedule. When she realized that the people who love the game Spades were vastly under served, she decided to create the first line of merchandise and books for Spades lovers everywhere

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I'm always open to new opportunities and questions. Please connect with me through my website.

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