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I'm Artemis Milchon

Nice to meet you!

I’m a reader … a dreamer … a birthday candle wisher. I’m someone who feels joy when good things happen to great people. I’m a believer in true love, three-day kisses, and butterflies in your tummy when you see that special one. I’m hope. I’m a writer of romance … for how can it possibly be wrong to put more love in the world?

I’m Artemis. Nice to meet you. Please hang around and get to know my friends.

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Omega Chronicles

Romance * Paranormal * Science Fiction

The Omega Clan Lords must find the keys to save their world. They never guessed the answer was in true love's kiss.

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Romance * Contemporary * Fairy Tale

Paxtonian Empire

Dreamy princes ... unconventional true loves ... stepping into this island nation will take your breath away.

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I'm always looking for someone to talk to about books, movies, and television. Visit me on social media or at my website.

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