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I am the baddest bitch the Roman Legion ever came across, but now this cell phone addicted, clumsy, human girl has to be part of my clan? Goddess save me.


As leader of the Night Clan, for centuries it has been my job to lead my sisters into battle against lowly men who dare harm worthy women. And it’s a task I revel in. Dressed to kill, there’s nothing I enjoy more than the rush of war.


Unfortunately, these days those calls are few and far between. Out of options, we hide from a world that no longer needs us. All that changes when a half-human, half-fae mess is thrown into my sisterhood. Unable to fly and clueless with a sword, it becomes clear she represents a new age unfamiliar to the Aguane.


While I loathe the idea of learning anything from her, it seems I have no choice. A foe far stronger than any we’ve faced has risen and he’s impervious to our brand of magic. Now, the Night Clan’s only hope is to rally every sister and embrace the digital age in orthodox methods of battle. With time running out, can I gather the Aguane and save women everywhere? Or will the legacy of the people be crushed under the boot of a malicious enemy?

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